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Our Worship Service

Redeemer's Liturgy (Order of Service)

Every Sunday the Worship Service at Redeemer follows a similar order, which can be summarized as the 5 C's - Call, Cleansing, Consecration, Communion, Commission. We believe this type of liturgy is not only Biblical, but has a certain "Gospel logic" to it. 


God Calls us into His Presence: Worship always begins with God's invitation to Worship. We don't barge into his presence but come as the result of his gracious invitation. We respond to his call by entering his presence with singing!


God Cleanses us from our Sin: Having entered his majestic and holy presence, we are confronted with our own sinfulness and unworthiness. The service moves into a time of confession of sin and receiving God's assurance of forgiveness because of Christ. We respond in songs of praise.  


God Consecrates us to His Service: God consecrates us through the reading of Scripture and the preaching of the Word. We respond in Prayer, offerings, and songs of praise. 


God Communes with us: God affirms his covenant relationship with us by eating a meal with us. At Redeemer, we celebrate the Lord's Supper every week as the culmination of the Worship Service. 


God Commissions us into the World: Service ends with the benediction, God sending us out into the world with his blessing that we might be salt and light, living for his glory in a watching world.


For explanations of each element of our worship service, see our Frequently Asked Questions

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