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Recordings of Recent Services

Family Integrated Liturgical Worship in Traverse City, Michigan

Welcome to the livestream portal of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of the dedicated liturgical churches in the heart of Traverse City. If you're exploring churches in Traverse City, Michigan, we invite you to revisit our recorded worship services above. Even better, we hope to meet you in person one Sunday very soon!

Live Worship Every Sunday

Join us each Sunday morning for a live broadcast of our worship service, straight from Traverse City. Whether you live nearby or are joining us from a distance, we are pleased you are visiting. We realize that the flow and order of our worship may be unfamiliar to you. If that’s the case, we invite you to read our bulletin to follow the service order and our FAQ to get more information about our tradition and practice.

church livestream Traverse City

Sunday morning when we are live,
this will be replaced with our live stream.

If you have difficulty, try refreshing your browser or click here to watch our live stream on YouTube.

(If watching on a phone, rotate your phone to landscape for the best experience.) 

Why Tune in to Our Livestream?

At Redeemer Presbyterian Church, we enjoy a pattern of worship that has deep historical roots, but we also take advantage of modern technology.

  1. Always Stay Connected: Be it travel, illness, or other commitments, our livestream ensures you don’t miss worshiping with the church community on the Lord’s Day.

  2. Get a Glimpse Before You Attend: Our livestream also serves as a window to our services if you're contemplating visiting in person.

Archived Worship Services

Did you miss a service? You can browse recent services at the top of this page, or see our library of recorded videos here. Our prayer is that God is glorified in what you see and hear.

Family Integrated Church

As you watch, you may notice the presence of small children in our service. Redeemer Presbyterian Church stands proud as a family integrated church. While many churches are age-segregated, we believe much is learned by modeling and participation, so wherever it is appropriate we encourage families to enjoy the Lord’s Day worship together. This means that you may see and hear children present! We hope this is not a distraction, but an encouragement that we are a vital church that spans generations.

We Invite You to Visit and Learn More

For those searching for “liturgical worship”, "family integrated church near me" or "church livestream Traverse City", you've found a home. Watch our services and learn what distinguishes Redeemer Presbyterian as a cornerstone among Traverse City Michigan churches.

View previous services arranged by playlist at our YouTube channel

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