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Frequently Asked Questions


Why An FAQ?

It might seem odd to have an FAQ for a church page. We're not some tech company here to answer your software problems, after all. But today, understanding what "church" is all about may seem more foreign than reprogramming your smart phone.

We come from an old tradition. Redeemer Presbyterian Church represents decades in Traverse City, centuries since the Reformation, and two thousand years since our mission was given. We understand that for many this is incredibly intimidating. We're here to try and help with that.

So please, explore our site, peruse the FAQ, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have. 

  • Why does the pastor wear a robe?
    Depending upon your church background, the sight of a minister wearing a robe may be unusual, even unsettling. Why do we do it? Is it because we like Harry Potter? 1. Wearing a Robe hides the man Preaching is about Christ, not about the preacher. The robe hides the man behind the pulpit so as to visibly remind us that we do not go to church for a particular pastor, his style, or his personality. We come to church to worship God and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ as our only comfort in life and in death. Preachers are replaceable, the gospel is not. The robe helps us to forget about the preacher, so our focus can be where it belongs: Jesus Christ as Lord. 2. Wearing a Robe emphasizes the office The pastor wears a robe for a similar reason as to why judges wear robes in court, to emphasize that they are not acting upon their own authority but in “official capacity”. The pastor wears a robe during the worship service to signify that when he is conducting the worship service, he is acting in his official capacity as a man who has been called by God to proclaim His Word to His people. The pastor also wears a stole (a band of colored cloth worn across the shoulders). The stole symbolizes the yolk of Christ under which the pastor joyfully serves. The various colors of the stole follow the historic church calendar. 3. Wearing a Robe is historical Although the practice of protestant ministers wearing robes is not widespread today, it used to be. Until the middle of the 19th century most protestant ministers wore robes for the above reasons. If you want to know why the practice was in large part abandoned, click HERE.
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